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Body Armor ?

Discussion in 'Evolve Skateboards' started by Marlon, Jun 6, 2020.


Do you wear protective gear when you ride?

  1. Hell no - I'm invincible!

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  2. Yes but just the minimum (Helmet, gloves & knee/elbow pads).

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  3. Hell yes - I gear up like I'm going into battle!

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  1. Marlon

    Marlon Member

    Hi guys - I'm new to this sport & I've been reading the blogs here to pass the time while I wait for my board to arrive & I have seen several mentions of broken collar bones. YIKES!!!

    I have invested in good quality gloves, knee & elbow pads, gloves & a helmet (& I still have my full face motorcycle helmet) but I have been looking at some of the Motocross chest protectors (some include shoulder pads & rib protection too. Am I overthinking this? Do any of you wear this or something similar?

    Thanks & be safe everyone!
  2. SparkleE.

    SparkleE. Member

    I’ve been riding nearly every day 4+ months, 3+ recovering from a concussion (unrelated). I wear a helmet, and recently gloves. Now that my concussion is healed, I’ve not felt any inclination to take off my 12mph max speed limit. Carving around grass, trails or streets, I’m never wanting to go faster. Tried it a couple of times to check. 7” AT tires, I’m not coming off the board like hitting pebbles with a standard skateboard. That’s why I bought it.

    In the skatepark, I wear $275 of protection (including hip pads) on my $240 surf skate. And all the items were scuffed after the second session. : )

    PS I’ve flashing lights on my board, and from my bike a bright flashing one on my rear pocket and 500 lumens bright on my helmet. And I’ve my bright biking jacket daytime. When out where traffic is.
    Last edited: Jun 6, 2020
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  3. OP

    Marlon Member

    Thanks - I got a little spooked by the stories of brakes locking up on people. I bought some shred lights & the 7" AT set up for the same reasons you did. I will have some reflectors or lights up top too. Right now I'm leaning towards trails but I know I won't stay there.
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  4. xrayturner

    xrayturner Member


    “Am I overthinking it?” The fact that you are thinking about it says everything to me. You care and there is nothing wrong with that. I’ve been riding for 45 years so really it depends on you and what you are comfortable with. It was 80 plus degrees here yesterday in the Washington DC area and it can get pretty humid here. I was riding yesterday in that weather and from top down I was wearing a Bell half helmet, MOT rated, yellow work gloves from home depot, short sleeve pull over, although a long sleeve shirt is a go to as well, jeans and my skating tennis shoes. I changes from my normal skateboard helmet to an MOT rated helmet after being “pulled over” and talking with a police officer one day. I was on the public roads and with the speed these boards can do a good helmet is a must. My hand gestures are more visible with these yellow gloves and I can feel the remote better so that’s why I wear those.

    I find knee and elbow paddles restrictive unless in some parks. When falling on these boards most people either get thrown forward or backwards, it’s not like half pipes where you’re riding your knee pads down the ramp after a miss. Falling forward people tend to impact the palms of their hands so gloves are a must and maybe a wrist guard. When falling backwards that helmet is the key.

    When you are riding at a good clip the breeze really helps when wearing gear. I am also the guy wearing a full leather jacket on 90 degree plus days on my motorcycle. I’ve had enough falls on skates, bikes or whatever to know gear helps. When I see people riding in clothes better suited for the beach I wish them luck and know after a few fells they too will gear up. Enjoy that new board and skate on!
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  5. OP

    Marlon Member

    Thank you sir - I recently came to my senses & sold my bike. Too many bad things happening to good people. It used to be when you read about an accident it was a kid on a crotch-rocket but lately it seems like it's always a 50+ guy on a full dresser vs a kid driving while on their phone. I still have my leather jacket with soft & optional hard armor, but like you said it's a bear in summer (Long Island, NY here). I have seen chest protectors for motocross that look like (VERY) well ventilated plastic 'cages' that I am leaning towards & hoping that the breeze makes it comfortable.

    I have a small electric board (Urbanskate mini 17.5" deck) that I bought cheap & the one time I took a fall on that I dinged my palm and my knee so I have invested in good quality knee/elbow pads & what I hope is a great pair of gloves from Flatland. I also bought a decent skate helmet & I still have my full face Shoei for cold weather. Now all I need is my new board.

    Have fun & be safe!

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