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Body Armor - Impact or Slide?

Discussion in 'Skate Equipment, Safety Gear & Spares' started by Bohemeian, Oct 18, 2016.

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  1. Bohemeian

    Bohemeian Member

    New GT owner here, I've got the basics for crashing... Knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards, helmet, all that. I do a lot of commuting with my board and while most of it is on bike paths and trails with grass on both sides, I go about half a mile on surface roads where the speed limit is 25-35 MPH competing with cars. The top speed of our GTs is only about 23 MPH going downhill full throttle.

    Right now I'm knocking on all the wood in my house, but if I were ever to take a spill, it'd be at top speed. While were're not going as fast as motorcycles, I still have a feeling that leather is going to be the best protection for slides at this speed.
    I'm not too worried about falling forward because of my knee pads and wrist guards. But losing my balance backward, let's just say there's only two things things that I like to do flat on my back. :rolleyes:

    From what I have researched, there doesn't seem to be too much crossover between slide protection and impact for body armor, you either get one or the other. Most of them seem to have some sort spine protection at CE level 1. (CE basically stands for "European Conformity" and in body armor there are two levels, 1 and 2. Check out this site for a little more info on how the rating works for protective garments.) To be honest, I don't even know if I need slide protection, even at top speed. All I know is that sliding sucks and it burns forever and then you have stupid bald spots that make it look like you have mange. Impact on the other hand, we're talking broken bones, slipped disks, dislocation... All that bad internal stuff.

    What do you all think? Am I right in thinking the impact damage is going to be way worse than sliding? What do you wear? Have you found a magical combination of protective garments that protects you from the heavy whippings of our harsh mistress Asphalt? Or do I just suck it up and wear both an impact suite and a heavy leather jacket?

    Anyway here's the part we've all been looking forward too.

    At least one person on the Evolve Owners Facebook page vouches for Speed and Strength and I have to say I'm impressed.
    They've got some pretty nifty gear from helmets and shoes to hoodies and gloves. I've been looking at the Bikes are in my Blood Hoody/Vest, the Go for Broke Armored Hoody, and the Overhaul Denim Jacket. I feel like these cover the impact protection, but only the denim jacket is going to hold up to some sliding, and then only for a half a second.

    I know a couple of dirt track riders that wear Six Six One equipment and lord knows they slide all over the place when they biff it. They have a lot of hard and soft armor, but I'm seeing the EVO SS Jacket or the EXO Shell as a good compliment to the protective gear I already have.

    Also on the track side, the Fox Titan Sport Jacket covers just about everything for slides and impact. The big downside is that all of the pads are hard plastic plating. I can't imagine that being comfortable. But it sure looks like it would protect you pretty damn well.

    I'm throwing in the Joe Rocket Recon Mesh Military Spec Jacket just because high visibility is pretty important for street riding and as a mesh jacket it's not an oven.
    Let's try to keep this thread to body armor and such. I'm sure there are other threads for basic riding gear.
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  2. Andy

    Andy Mod

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  3. Zac

    Zac Member

    Based on my prior experiences with similar sports, body armor should (in an ideal situation) be able to protect equally against sliding or impact incidents. Just my $0.02 worth
  4. OP

    Bohemeian Member

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  5. Zac

    Zac Member

    I thought about wearing my road racing gear, but it's kinda bulky... Oct-24-2015-Fastrack Riders - Level 1 - Turn 6 Inside (1120) - ACS_8521_Oct2415_by_BR-CaliPhoto.jpg
  6. Alex

    Alex Admin

    Might be bulky, but would certainly minimise the chance of road rash. Not sure about impact protection though?
  7. Zac

    Zac Member

    The suit has armor in all the critical areas, but I haven't had an opportunity to test it yet and I'm hoping not too.:eek:

    Additionally, my road race gear is designed for 150+mph crashes...
    Last edited: Nov 29, 2016
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  8. Hey Andy, I am about to buy all of my protection gear, have been researching about the G-Form products, and it seems that they are awesome to reduce impact but kinda suck for when u slide, they can move and you still get hurt, how do you feel about this?
    thank you!
  9. Andy

    Andy Mod

    Hey mate, I have read that too and have a friend who happened too as well. However I have had plenty of coming off inc sliding and mine have been ok. I think maybe it's down to the size as mine are quite tight. I like it that way and they have electric to stretch. I can see how they come slide off quite easy if wasn't tight. :punch::thumbsup::beers:
  10. julian46

    julian46 Member

    I wear a padded soft style motorcycle jacket these days - protection on elbows hips and some back - its colder right now in ontario anyway so its working out pretty well (and a helmet and bicycle gloves for some hand protection)
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  11. I'm actually looking to buy a motorcycle jeans with removable knee and hip protectors. They look like normal, baggy jeans and they are often reinforcements with Kevlar, so if you fall or slide it can take a hit or two.
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  12. Kenneth

    Kenneth Member

    Any links to this?
  13. Alex

    Alex Admin

    I saw some in my local motorcycle shop a few months ago, I think it's a pretty popular piece if gear if you happen to have a shop nearby, bonus is you can try them on too.
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  14. Like Alex said, if you Google 'motorcycle jeans' you will find all sorts of jeans in any colour you want. And in any large shop you will find them. Check out vid on youtube...
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  15. Alex

    Alex Admin

    That vid is very comprehensive. Some good recommendations and it highlights some really good features to look out for.
  16. Andy

    Andy Mod

    Held San Remo Textile Motorcycle Jacket (Blue) | The Visor

    My fine lady for me this jacket for my birthday. It's really nice just to be able to grab a leightweight jacket that has pads already in. Even just to pop to the shops when i wouldn't bother normally padding up I've found. The big zip pockets are great too.

    You can also buy an optional extra back protection pad that fits in that my Mrs also got me. I would use if going for a proper burn up but feel you loose the leightweight feel for having back pad in everyday use.
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  17. Alex

    Alex Admin

    That jacket looks pretty darn cool. I like it.
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  18. Skully

    Skully Member

    Appropriate place to ask about arm protection (ie, elbow pads) or should I start a new thread?
  19. Alex

    Alex Admin

    Why not both? :)
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  20. David

    David Member
    Has protective gear

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