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Best locations/ routes to ride AT in NL?

Discussion in 'General Chit Chat' started by Elmel, Jul 8, 2017.

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  1. Elmel

    Elmel Member

    Riding around Enschede but looking for some further adventures and looking to explore a bit in NL or even across the boarder a little into Germany.

    Suggestions very welcome.
  2. Igor

    Igor Member

    Hey Elmel, ik heb twee boards, de bamboo en de nieuwe gtx.
    Heb jij ze nog steeds?
    Ik heb nooit iemand in Enschede er mee rond zien rijden?

    Grt Igor (
  3. OP

    Elmel Member


    Yeah still on the evo Carbon GT, I’m not a winter rider but now the weather has been good for last month or so imnout every other morning.

    I tend to stay away from city center and stick to outskirt and bike tracks.

    Surf the tarmac
  4. Veteran

    Veteran Member

    Hi Elmel,

    Greetings from Apeldoorn.
    I use my board mostly for commuting to and from trainstation Apeldoorn/Amersfoort, to do some shopping and fun riding in Apeldoorn. But once in a while I will do a "rondje Bussloo" and visit "Stadspark Park Berg en Bos" and surroundings to go off road.

    Groet, Gies


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