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BEHIND THE ONIRIQUE | Evolve X Loaded Boards

Discussion in 'Eskate Media Threads: Pics & Vids' started by Evolve YouTube, Aug 24, 2023.

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    Evolve and Loaded boards have teamed up to create a masterpiece in the Onirique. With Evolve's rich 13-year legacy in the electric skateboard industry and Loaded Boards' unrivaled expertise in deck design, this board is purposefully engineered to enhance your every move.

    Available from August 27th, 2023 at 6pm.

    WEIGHT: 9.2 kg
    RANGE: Up to 25km/h (15.5 mph)
    TOP SPEED: 36km/h (22 mph)
    DECK MATERIAL: 3 Ply Bamboo & Fiber Glass Layers
    DECK LENGTH: 87.5 cm (34.5 inches)
    WHEEL BASE: 56 cm (22 inches)
    TRUCKS: Evolve Super Carve Trucks - Forged/CNC 30.6cm (12 inches) width, 8mm axles
    WHEELS: Orangatang Caguamas 85mm - 80a Orange, 83a Purple & 77a Blue Happy Thane
    MOTOR: Dual 1500-watt (3000-watt total) high-performance custom-made brushless out-runner
    MOTOR CONTROLLER (ESC): Evolve Custom Dual-Motor Driver, FOC motor commutation,
    Bluetooth connection & adjustable acceleration curves
    BEARINGS: Evolve Ceramic Precision Bearings
    BATTERY: Lithium Ion with Custom BMS. 36 volt, 216 Watt Hours
    RECHARGE: 1.5-2hrs
    REMOTE: Evolve Phaze remote with CNC aluminium-reinforced body
    MAX LOAD: 100 kg (220 lbs)
    SUITABLE TERRAIN: Smooth bitumen roads/footpaths/concrete
    SLIDES: Yes
    HILLS: Up to 30% gradient.
    BRAKING: FOC regenerative braking, adjustable brake and acceleration curves
    AESTHETICS: Surfy Vibes with a Concave Bliss
    LIGHTS: USB Port compatible with Prism Strip lights.

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