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Battery Upgrade

Discussion in 'Carbon GT' started by Dave 000, Mar 21, 2020.

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  1. Dave 000

    Dave 000 Member

    Hi All,

    Want to upgarde my battery on my Carbon GT, any help or suggestions out there?

  2. xrayturner

    xrayturner Member


    There are people that can do this for you or if you are a DIY kinda person there are a good number of posts on this forum you can start researching. The simplest thing is to buy a new battery from Evolve but you will more than like get the same type of battery that came with the board. It will keep you going well for a year (depending on charge cycles) but i wouldn't cal it an upgrade. The up side to buying the battery, which is a battery pack, is when you take out the old battery you will have the BMS and a main components needed to build your own. If you do go the DIY route do your homework. The plus side is you have a board you can ride and you will learn a good deal about batteries. Be safe and enjoy!
  3. Thrashing1

    Thrashing1 Member

    Pelican bay innovations.I got 10s5p for gt carbon.

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