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Battery issues - won’t charge

Discussion in 'Carbon GT' started by adrian, Sep 17, 2020.

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  1. adrian

    adrian Member

    Help! I have bought a 2017-2018 gt Carbon that ran once then won’t take a charge. The charger won go red as it stays on green and you can hear it internally switching. I read some forums and opened the battery wrapping to check the cells, all appear to be 3.5v with a total at 35v on the circuit board but only 30v at the power t terminal. If it is buggered so be it - good opportunity for an upgrade but I would rather confirm first. Any tips? Also any suggestions on up grade to reduce voltage sag?
  2. Fenn

    Fenn Member

    If your looking to replace it I have a 40 cell from Pellican Bay Innovations available, purchased it about a month ago but this project is heading in a different direction.
  3. OP

    adrian Member

    Hi fenn, I got it to charge after opening the charger and wriggling some capacitors. Battery still not optimal so I am interested in you 40 cell. What are the part number and make of the cells. Is it 5p or 4p in wiring? And how would you ship it to canberra?
  4. Fenn

    Fenn Member

  5. OP

    adrian Member

    ohhh. yes too expensive for shipping..and I had assumed you were in Aus as well! duh. thanks anyway.

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