1. Bamboo Series
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Bamboo One won't engage for more than a second

Discussion in 'Bamboo Series One' started by onmyone, Mar 14, 2019.

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  1. onmyone

    onmyone Member

    WHen I turn on the Bamboo, then the (new type) remote, it won't spin the motor. It will 'click' briefly, but not spin. It will brake though if I'm moving.

    I went back to the old remote, same problem.

    I removed the wheel and belt and belt cover. No love.

    I held down the left button on the remote so that the dark blue flashed on the top two buttons, and it spun for a few seconds, then stopped. Couldn't get that to happen again.

    Last time this happened (with the new type remote) after a few tries it started to spin and I was able to ride it, and then again a few days later it started right up as normal.
  2. oldBoi

    oldBoi Member

    Having a similar issue. I have an old remote and a new one.
    The new one does this weird thing where if you use the brake, you have to reset the remote before you can go again.
    If i switch back to the old remote it works perfectly. I'm still investingating...

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