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Bamboo One remote manual request + how One with GT and R2 remotes?

Discussion in 'Bamboo Series One' started by bamgtboo, Apr 19, 2018.

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  1. bamgtboo

    bamgtboo Member

    I don't have the manual and can't find it online.


    (If the image is not available: when facing the remote, there are: left and right buttons - L and R, and three LEDs, from the top: a, b, c; this is where I got the picture originally).

    What are all possible things you can do with that remote (buttons L and R) and what do the different LEDs (a, b, c) mean? What are the possible combinations? I only know:
    1. Press R to switch on:
      (a) blinks green while connecting to the board,
      (b) off [= not connected?] and sometimes it's green, but won't accelerate [= connected but not stable to go? or just some error?]
      (c) blue [= remote is on, remote battery is alright?]

    2. When the remote is on:
      (a) blinks green for SAFE/SLOW mode
      (a) steady green for ECO mode
      (a) blue for FAST mode
      (a) red for GT mode

      (b) is green - is this going to change to different colours depending how much battery is left in the BOARD?
      (c) is blue - s this going to change to different colours depending how much battery is left in the REMOTE?

    3. L-R change modes which riding, which is indicated by (a) as described above.
    4. Long press L - (a) and (b) blink blue (blue-red?) fast which means the remote is looking for/connecting to the board (?).
    5. Long press R to switch off: a, b, c go dark, the remote is switched off (obviously).
    PDF with manual or photos of certain pages would be awesome.

    Also, I like how quick the One remote connects to One. I haven't tried it with my GT board.
    I guess it won't be so quick and reliable when you hook up One board with GT remote (the screen + throttle one) or R2 (which is usually super slow to connect to the board)? Let me know your thoughts.

    Thank you!
  2. OP

    bamgtboo Member

    So none of the legends here can tell what those LED mean? Dayum.
  3. ryanmack

    ryanmack Member


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