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Bamboo One battery won't charge, no visible fuses

Discussion in 'Bamboo Series One' started by b0w7i3, Jul 21, 2017.

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  1. b0w7i3

    b0w7i3 Member

    Hey, I've had a Bamboo One for two weeks, and suddenly the battery has stopped charging. When I plug the charger into the wall, the light on the charger turns green as always, but when I plug it into the board, it doesn't turn red.

    I attempted to follow the troubleshooting steps in this video, making sure the connector is fully in and wiggling it, but the light on the charger still doesn't turn red. When I opened the battery case to check the fuses, however, the innards were rather different than those in the video. The Bamboo One apparently has no visible fuses, and from the fact that the charger connector wiring goes straight into the shrink wrap surrounding the battery cells, I suspect the fuses are in there.

    Has anyone opened theirs? I contacted support, and they want me to ship them the whole board across the country at my own expense along with the charger and the controller. I strongly suspect it's just a blown fuse, and would prefer not to pay to send me whole board away for weeks, but I'm afraid to peel back the shrink wrap around the battery cells.

    UPDATE: I just want to compliment Evolve on responding so well to my support requests, and being willing to let me ship them just the battery instead of everything. This sounds pretty reasonable to me, and although I am still very interested to hear (and see) if anyone has opened the shrinkwrap around their battery, I won't be doing this myself this time.



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  2. SkaterBoy58

    SkaterBoy58 Member

    Had a similar thing when I first got my board,
    There are no fuses in the battery or BMS
    Most likely it is a wire come loose from the charger socket,
    Check these carefully as the connections are very brittle and can vibrate off
  3. Wahid

    Wahid Member

    Hi there. I'm having the same issue with my carbon board. Did you get to the bottom of this or any feedback?
  4. Mrmoody26

    Mrmoody26 Member

    I had the same issue with my board not charging in the light staying green. I also remove the battery cover and cannot find any fuses. There is a red and black wire coming from the battery so I used wire I had at home and connected it to that and then connected those wires to the charger. I put the red positive inside the hole of the charger and the negative wrapped around the charger .Pretty much I just bypassed the little circuit board so it goes straight from the battery to the charger.The light turns red on the charger now and everything it beats having to send it in
  5. Mrmoody26

    Mrmoody26 Member

    Here are some pics



  6. Mrmoody26

    Mrmoody26 Member

  7. Mrmoody26

    Mrmoody26 Member

    The wire I use to plug into the battery came from a dog shock collar I had laying around LOL just so happen to plug into it perfectly

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