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Bamboo gtr battery life less than expected

Discussion in 'Bamboo GTR' started by dk5293, Feb 6, 2023.

  1. dk5293

    dk5293 Member

    Gday all, bought a bamboo gtr yesterday and am loving how it rides so far. Both power and it's handling/carving are great. However my first ever real ride on it was a test run to work and the battery seemed to drop a lot quicker than what I was expecting. I went from %100 to 10% in 17kms across almost dead flat terrain (Epping to campelbellfield, Melbourne) on eco mode the entire time.

    I don't think I was riding it very hard at all (averaging 25-30kmh) especially as I'm fairly new to riding e boards but they claim to get nearly 50km range and watching some reviews on YouTube it seems other people are definitely getting close to that 50k range unlike myself.

    Could this be a charging/battery problem, or do I need to give the battery a little more chance to 'wear in' since it's brand new?
    I did notice when charging it would go green, then I'd jiggle the connection on the board and it would go back to red and charge for a fair while more.

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