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Bamboo GTR - 12VDC charging

Discussion in 'Evolve Skateboards' started by GhostRider, Jun 4, 2020.

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  1. GhostRider

    GhostRider Member

    Hi, so I have a campervan and when lockdown is lifted plan to go away in it offgrid with my board. The only problem is charging the board. I an electronics engineer and know this should be possible from my 12V van battery using a DC - DC convertor. The problem is the 3 - pin connector on the board, which implies the Evolve charger has some intelligent feedback. Given I have no technical info on connector or battery, I can't work out how to connect DC- DC convertor.
    Has anyone got a solution to this - yes I know I could use a 12v - 240v inverter with the evolve charger but that's not ideal as there's a lot of losses involved!
  2. SparkleE.

    SparkleE. Member

    Cool idea! I think you should email the Evolve service department if you’re really interested. I think they’d write back, cuz it’s a cool circumstance.

    I bet they have charging smarts plus AC to DC conversion all in their charger brick. Likely no reasonable way to bypass the AC to DC, plus step up the 10-13 V of auto power to stable 48V (or whatever these charge at). Might a 12V to 110VAC converter be less lossy??
  3. OP

    GhostRider Member

    Hi, I don't really see the point in contacting Evolve if it was a product they sell it would be on their website, although it provide them with an incentive to think about making such a product if the demand is there.

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