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Bamboo GT

Discussion in 'General Electric Skateboard Chat' started by mazda_bater, Dec 24, 2018.

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  1. mazda_bater

    mazda_bater Member

    I'm thinking about buying a used evolve bamboo gt the selling says everything works but the board won't charge.
    The charger works on another board and suggests the charging fuse on the board is blown and requires replacement.
    Is this such a thing and has anybody else has an issue like this?
    I've looked at pics of the internals and only see one pcb and figure if it's not working the whole pcb would need replacement.
    Thanks in advance
  2. xrayturner

    xrayturner Member

    Mazda_bater - I suppose that depends on what the price of the board is. New I believe you are talking 1500 dollars. If the board is over a year old then the stock battery is probably ready for replacement anyway which I believe is around 350 - 450 dollars. The replacement batteries from Evolve come with the BMS but if that isn’t the problem you are out of luck so buyer beware. Someone that says everything works except the battery won’t charge isn’t being completely honest with you. If it was as simple as replacing a fuse I would think they would have done that by now. I’ve swapped batteries and don’t recall a serviceable fuse on any of the circuit boards. Now if the board is say 400 dollars and you are willing to diagnose the actual problem you might have a deal on your hands. If the seller is asking for 600 or more I would walk away and wait for a better deal. My 2 cents.
    Last edited: Dec 26, 2018
  3. OP

    mazda_bater Member

    Awesome reply thanks. I’d never really played around on an evolve and thought with so many people upgrading batteries to 10s4p with 30q cells buying something with a battery issue was a good idea. I probably overpaid at $500 but I thought I diagnosed the fault at inspection and was able to get the board home and make up a charging setup and then buy a $3 part and the board is working 100% well it was on 20% battery after taking me for a 10km ride so the range isn’t 100% but it’s working whilst I order some cells
  4. xrayturner

    xrayturner Member

    Sounds like it is working out for you and that is wonderful. Getting all your components together and spending a long weekend to upgrade your pack using the current battery’s BMS is doable. There are a couple of really good posts on this forum about upgrading to the cells you have referenced. I ended up purchasing a new pack from Evolve so I could still ride the board during my battery upgrade. I’ve been building smaller packs as practice. I even put together a DIY spot welder after reading posts here and it is working great. Glad it worked out for you. Enjoy the board and have a Happy new year.
  5. OP

    mazda_bater Member

    It was going so well, then on Tuesday I was out for a roll and the remote which I’m sure I’d just fully charged was showing a flat battery and disconnecting after a 20 minute roll.
    I was going to my local skate shop to buy some grip tape to redo the deck and stopped 5m away they were nice enough to put it on charge but it didn’t seem to be taking it and they’d just had a r 2 come in for someone that it didn’t work on their board. So I bought it and found it was really good.
    Then yesterday I experienced the dreaded voltage sag. Board reading 75% took it for a 2km journey and after going up a slight rise whilst running at 3/4 throttle the whole way it got to the top of the rise and came to a dead stop sending me flying like I was trying to be super man.
    I look at the remote and it’s showing no voltage for the board and then in the next 30s goes up to around 50% again.
    I got back on and rode the final 150m home.

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