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Bamboo Gt Battery Idea's & Questions

Discussion in 'Bamboo GT' started by Rohlilahla, Dec 19, 2020.

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  1. Rohlilahla

    Rohlilahla Member

    I wanna build a new battery for my Bamboo GT. The orginial one is good at the moment, but a little bit too weak.

    But I have a few questions and a few ideas for this:

    1. Which 18680 Cells should I choose?
    The 3500mah cells has a max Current about 10 Amps. The 2600mah brings about 35 Amps.

    What is more important, the max current or the Capatizity?
    (It would be a difference by 14000mah to 10000mah)

    2. In most builds they put the BMS ontop to the controller and they cut out the wood from the deck for enough place.

    If I see it the right way, it should be possible to move the controller on the cooling element about 5mm in Direction to the battery. So I could place the BMS in front of the controller!

    So I shouldn't cut my board....

    Creetings from Germany (Grüße aus Deutschland)

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