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bamboo gen2 motor problem.

Discussion in 'General Eskate Chat' started by ghostoso, Aug 1, 2019.

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  1. ghostoso

    ghostoso Member

    Hi all, I have been having problem with the motor on my bamboo gen2. The motor wont go aroung and make som weird noise. To begin with it went around and now it seems almost like it is stuck. When I try to gas forward it just vibrates and seems like the motor is stuck. Someone out there with the same problem with a solution? Much appreciated from Norway.

  2. Nick@Evolve

    Nick@Evolve Member

    Hi ghostoso

    From your description it sounds like the motor is "cogging". This is generally a result of a hall sensor/communication fault. This can be anywhere along the circuit from the MC PCB where the wires are soldered, to the connector in the battery case or inside the motor casing.
    I would recommend starting with checking the hall wires soldered to the MC PCB and the hall connector. I have seen some over time break at the solder join. It is also possible a pin or terminal may have backed out of the connector.

    Without opening the motor up to do in depth testing, this is pretty much the limit for checking the hall wires. Recommend also checking the harness for any damage.

  3. OP

    ghostoso Member

    TY Nick for your help. I will probably be buying a new remoter for the board. I have been having trouble with the speed and the board keeps cutting connection with the remote.
    TX again
  4. Nick@Evolve

    Nick@Evolve Member

    No worries.
    Make sure you have the remote in long distance proximity setting. Set the board up with the drive wheel in the air and check the distance you can operate the board from. Close range will only be about 1-2m before it cuts out. Long range will be 5m give or take.

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