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Bailing off the Board

Discussion in 'General Eskate Chat' started by Dwants2evolve, Feb 4, 2020.

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  1. Dwants2evolve

    Dwants2evolve Member

    Hey everyone, newbie here. Reading and researching. My question: if a rider is cruising along at 22mph and needs to stop suddenly, can they stop themselves from tumbling over, or can you prepare to jump off at slow your bodies momentum so as NOT to tumble? Any and all responses are welcome.
  2. OP

    Dwants2evolve Member

    I should have reread the question first. At 22 mph, will I tumble, or can I catch myself if I need to stop suddenly at that speed?
  3. RustyHooks

    RustyHooks Member

    I'm new also but from what I can gather, when you come off the throttle, it's like braking, the motorized wheels slow it down. This is my ASSUMPTION because Ibwas reading something and the guy came off the throttle too quickly and launched.

    Theres at least a 50% chance I'm wrong though, total newb
  4. David

    David Member

    Yes you can stop going fast. GT does it better than GTR. Shifting alot of weight to back leg is needed. But if you do fly off going to fast to run it out,make sure you tuck and roll. Ofcourse a helmet and gloves will help in these events .
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  5. xrayturner

    xrayturner Member


    IMHO - at 22 mph a lot of things can happen so making a split second decision can mean the difference between walking away or not. Yes you are going to tumble or slide and the gear you have on will mean the difference between serious road rash and general scraping, you may even break a bone or two. I highly recommend learning how to brake effectively and worst case sliding the board to a stop. These boards are a lot of fun but make sure you can really control the board. People will pull out in front of you with their cars, bikes or whatever they are operating, it will happen. Keep your head on a swivel and always try to anticipate what is happening 10, 20, 50 yards in front of you. If you are new to the board don’t speed to 22mph unless you know the area well. Now you can go as fast as you want but be cautious. Easing into the sport and backing off the throttle a bit can mean skating tomorrow or waiting 6 months for your bones to heal. Get a good helmet and gloves as someone else already stated and have fun. Skate on!

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