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EWC 2017 Are you planning on coming to the Evolve World Cup 2017 in France?

Discussion in 'Evolve Word Cup (EWC)' started by Alex, Dec 27, 2016.


Are you attending Evolve World Cup 2017

  1. Yes! Definitely, I'll be there :D

    7 vote(s)
  2. Maybe. I'm planning to attend, time and funds permitting.

    12 vote(s)
  3. Probably not :(

    1 vote(s)
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  1. Alex

    Alex Admin

    Dates are confirmed for 7th - 9th July 2017, are you planning to come?

    If so vote on the poll and post below where you'll be travelling from.

    This will help to give an idea of how many people will be travelling internationally and may have battery needs once they arrive.
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  2. OP

    Alex Admin

    Don't forget to reply and post where you'll be travelling from if you vote yes or maybe on the poll.

    London here. Eurostar train should mean I'd be good to go taking the entire board an battery on the train.
  3. forbesmyester

    forbesmyester Member

    Probably, London.

    Alex, the boards are too big to go on Eurostar, we found that out just in time last year.
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  4. OP

    Alex Admin

    Oh damn, for real? Glad I checked!

    Do you mean the board is too big or the battery is too big?

    Andy, how did you get your board over last year? I thought you took the train.
  5. Andy

    Andy Mod

    We shipped them in a van, fear not for the UK riders this year I have big plans, just join the Evolve convoy!! We looking at a coach for 50 odd skaters plus a few drivers. US and Oz crew will also be joining us on the road trip :punch::punch::thumbsup::beers:
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  6. Andy

    Andy Mod

    Ref eurostar, board is too big not a battery issues, they will ship for £30 each way but cant guarantee to get it on the same train as you! WTF lol o_O
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  7. Look like it will be more fun to fly to London first and take the busride to France with you all :)
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  8. Andy

    Andy Mod

    Ha Jan yeah the only issue would be flying with your board. Kevin Kerren was the sole Belgium representative last year. Might be worth a hook up and travel togeather :thumbsup::punch::beers:
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  9. Yep, when it all goes on line we'll check with the riders form Belgium and Netherlands. We'll see what we can do. Any idea when the details/registration will be online?
  10. Beckz

    Beckz Member

    Don't forget the german guys ;)
    No idea if anyone else from Germany will join but I would love to be part of the busride :thumbsup:
    Go to the Netherlands by train and travel to france by partybus:party::):beers::p:sun:
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  11. Seb, we won't forget you. ;p Is things get clear we will see what we can arrange. There will we skaters more North that will attend as well I guess.
  12. Andy

    Andy Mod

    There was a whole group of German skaters at last years event so you will be right at home! They even had their own campsite pitch going ha ha :punch::punch:
  13. Beckz

    Beckz Member

    ha ha typical german behaviour :see_no_evil:
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  14. Andy/Alex an idea when the EWC site goes live?
  15. Andy

    Andy Mod

    I asked Jeff this week and he said soon, soon cant come quick enough imo! ;p;p
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  16. Andy

    Andy Mod

    Here we go!! :punch::punch::metal:

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  17. Beckz

    Beckz Member

    Hey guys
    What about the busride plans?
    Any updates?:D:metal:
  18. wxppf

    wxppf Member


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