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April Photo Competition - Vote now for your favourtites

Discussion in 'Eskate Media Threads: Pics & Vids' started by Alex, Apr 20, 2017.

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  1. Alex

    Alex Admin

    Camera Stock Image.jpeg


    Hey everyone!

    Time for the second photo competition so you can show off your photography skills and so you can share your Evolving adventures :cool:

    To make it fun and a bit more interesting that not only will the winner get the prestige and honour of having their photo featured somehow on the site, I'm going to try and get a prize up for grabs each month.

    Last month SteveS33 from Flatland 3D put up an Evolve Remote Trigger Guard for the lucky winner.

    Vote for the February competition winner by liking your favourite images in this gallery album:

    Album: February 2017 Photo Competition

    This month SteveS33 has kindly agreed to put up a set of 3D Printed Evolve GT motor guards for the lucky winner :grinning:

    He'll even post it anywhere in the world for you! (or maybe delivery it to you via his skateboard if you're based in Michigan)



    Ohhhh....shiny! :heart_eyes:

    So, how does it work?

    Rules & How It Works
    • You can submit up to 4 images to the thread in a month (one for each week, but you can save them up and post 4 at any time if you like)
    • At the end of the month I'll rip all the images out of the thread and whack them in a gallery album.
    • Then we'll have a week of voting where everyone can like as many of the photos as you wish as a form of voting.
    • Once voting has ended, we can all sort the album by most likes and I'll have ourselves a winner! :party:
    • The winner gets the prize and I'll feature the photo.
    • Ideally please upload your image direct to your post in this thread, it makes it easier to convert to a new gallery album.
    • Embedding images into your post that you've already uploaded to the gallery is cool.
    • Don't embed or hotlink images from elsewhere on the internet such as imgur. Instead save the image to your computer and upload direct to your post, otherwise it won't get ripped from the thread and I may miss it when doing my checks.

    Closing date for this competition will be May 14th.

    Lets see what you've got!

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  2. cpt_1484768742182.jpg
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  3. OP

    Alex Admin

    We need some more entries so it's not a landslide victory for @carlosdelponte this month :joy:

    I'll be snapping away at Critical Mass tonight and CycloPark tomorrow.
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  4. Laleyenda

    Laleyenda Member

    Here is some


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  5. skedaddle

    skedaddle Member

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  6. skedaddle

    skedaddle Member

    File 02-05-2017, 13 32 09.jpg
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  7. skedaddle

    skedaddle Member

  8. TimmyT

    TimmyT Member

    All taken in April along the Green Corridor in Singapore



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  9. lesh

    lesh Member

    29054583016_5be6f0b5b2_o.jpg 28937935042_1dcaf7e882_o.jpg 26017930164_acfd5157da_o.png
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  10. OP

    Alex Admin

    Nice first post lesh, welcome.
  11. 1. GoKart Track Day with the Evolve Riders Melbourne
    April 2017 (sj)-651.jpg 2. Line-up
    April 2017 (sj)-663.jpg 3. Concrete Carve
    April 2017 (sj)-687.jpg 4. Race Line
    April 2017 (sj)-718.jpg

    Video here:
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  12. OP

    Alex Admin

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  13. Esk8Austin

    Esk8Austin Member

    No gas, In da grass, Diaper on my a$$...#ride4free

    phoenix evolve.jpg
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  14. Esk8Austin

    Esk8Austin Member

    Phoenix wants a GT for his 1st birthday ;) 5-17-2017
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  15. Member

  16. skedaddle

    skedaddle Member

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  17. OP

    Alex Admin


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