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Almost new board won't power on...

Discussion in 'General Eskate Chat' started by david45213, Feb 2, 2020.

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  1. david45213

    david45213 Member

    Hey guys, I'm new and not sure if this is the right sub forum for issues with boards but I didn't see any place more appropriate so please forgive me.

    I bought a 900w single motor Liftboard that was barely used - and obviously barely used as it looked completely new from the grip tape to the wheels, etc. Had a blast riding it for a few days when one day I rode it at full speed up a steep grade until it died. I took it home and charged it for a few hours and rode it maybe 100 feet and it died again. Since then, I haven't been able to even get it to power on. Theres a power button with an led ring around it that lights up when you press the power button on. At one point the ring lit up for like half a second after pressing the on button but that's it. Its hard to imagine that the battery is bad since it hasn't gone through many recharging cycles although the board is a few years old despite barely being used.

    Do you think taking it up a steep Incline drained the battery too far? If that were the case, does it make sense that it would work after that for a hundred feet or so after charging it for a while?

    I have been on some rough streets with it, including brick streets and have wiped out a few times (Im entirely new to riding) but have only been able to ride it for about 4 days before this happened.

    The battery is built into the bottom of the board and although it may be removable it's obvious the manufacturer didnt intend for users to remove it. I'm not sure what I should/could check to determine what the problem is. I'm hoping a wire to the power button is loose and I can solder it back on or something. Could a powerboard or controller be fried from it overheating, working too hard to go up hill? What is the likely cause of something like this and is it possible to isolate the problem to one component and fix it?

    If the battery is for sure bad, I'd like to salvage the board for what I can and just learn to make a custom board I guess but I'd rather just get this fixed if possible, for now. Any input or advice is appreciated. Thanks.
  2. xrayturner

    xrayturner Member


    At this point it sounds like taking the board apart and checking all of the connections is due. If you have a battery tester, multi-meter and other tools for working with electronic components that would be a good place to start. It could be the BMS, it could be the battery or it could be a loose wire that needs reconnecting, you won’t know until you start investigating. Having said that the board itself, while I have never ridden one, doesn’t appear to have the best ratings so……….. If you are into tinkering go for it. If your time is valuable and you want something more reliable, save up and go with a Boosted or Evolve board. My 2 cent.

    Take Care, Gary

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