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Almost "fell" for a Carbon GT... "yes, pun intended"...

Discussion in 'DIY & Custom Built Boards' started by DucatiGuy, Aug 19, 2017.

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  1. DucatiGuy

    DucatiGuy Member

    Sorry couldn't resist... lol

    Anyhow, I decided to take the Kaly.NYC Trampa Street Carver route instead, and here she is...



    Specs as configured:

    Trampa 14ply composite deck
    Trampa Vertigo trucks w/ white springs
    MBS 100mm AT wheels
    ABEC 11 97mm wheels (not shown)
    Trampa 7" pneumatic wheels (not shown)
    Kaly.NYC pulleys & associated belts
    Kaly.NYC custom "flex" battery enclosure
    Integrated LED battery meter
    12S-4P Samsung 30Q cells w/ 60amp BMS
    HD 4a fast charger
    Kaly.NYC 6355 230kv motors
    Kaly.NYC aluminum motor mounts
    Dual VESC-X w/ extended heatsinks
    Nano thumb style remote
    Bluetooth communication module
    Power switch w/ XT-90 "safety" loop key
    Individual motor on/off power switches
    Custom laser cut hexagon grip tape

    Top speed is reported to be nearing the 40 mph mark, with a real world range of around 30 miles.
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  2. skedaddle

    skedaddle Member

    Awesome looking board man!

    How much did it cost in the end if you don't mine me asking?
  3. fbhb

    fbhb Member

    Hey man, that looks to be one awesome looking beast of a board. Ernesto is certainly getting his name mentioned all over the forums & the credit he deserves for these fantastic builds. You will have to share with us your experience with the way it performs, would love to hear your thoughts!
  4. OP

    DucatiGuy Member

    Comparably priced to what a new 2 in 1 Carbon GT is going for.
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  5. fbhb

    fbhb Member

    That's fantastic value for money considering the level of specs/build quality/performance. Enjoy your new ride & let us know your thoughts on things like ride comfort/performance/range etc. in due course?
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  6. OP

    DucatiGuy Member

    So far I'm very pleased with the way the board performs. It's insanely fast, has predictable braking. and carves as easy as butter. Naturally it took a little tweaking to dial in the springs to my liking, but even that was easy and very straight forward. Although I've yet to top this board out in terms of speed, I have gotten it up and over 25 mph and it's rock solid. I also attempted to drain the battery, but found myself more drained than the battery itself. I put roughly 18 miles on it one afternoon, and the LED meter was still at 50%.

    The 14 ply deck is also super plush. It's classified as being "firm" (softest out of the 3 deck options Trampa offers) but I assume due to it's curved design, it has more flex than your typical firm flat deck. It definitely serves its purpose on and around the streets of NYC.

    I also love the fact that I can switch from dual to single motor use with the click of a button, for when I don't need the extra power and torque.

    All in all, I'm very pleased with the board! Ernesto has done it again!
  7. CapeTownGuy

    CapeTownGuy Member

    She's a beauty!
    Me like a lot.
  8. fbhb

    fbhb Member

    Hey thanks for sharing with us. Ernesto is most definitely "The Man" as many who have commissioned his builds have previously stated in these forums & elsewhere!
  9. Tombstone

    Tombstone Member

    Awesome board and awesome car in the background as well! :)
  10. Sora99

    Sora99 Member

    Awesome !! How can I get this board pls let me know?
  11. OP

    DucatiGuy Member

    Hit up the builder by visiting his website...
  12. Mattman

    Mattman Member

    Hey there . How did you get the MBS wheels to fit the shaft on the vertigo trucks?

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