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Discussion in 'General Eskate Chat' started by kim cheese, Apr 14, 2021.


Age demographic of es8 riders

  1. Old = over 55

  2. Middle aged = 30-54

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  3. Still young = less than 30

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  1. kim cheese

    kim cheese Member

    Last longboard owned and used was back in the 70's. Today was spent on pavement vs. the normal gravel grinding sessions. Actually started to get the feel back. Not dancing on the board, but feeling the Gs on the deep carves. The looser conditions of gravel had me wondering if I've aged out of skating. Nope. This old dog is coming back! 2nd, 3rd....return to feeling young. Added a foil board to the windsurfing kit after 30 seasons of windsurfing. Really re-ignited, re-stoked the fire. Now esk8!!! Love the ability to carve going uphill!

    So, how old are you? Return, 1st timer to longboard riding?

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