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Aftermarket Remote?

Discussion in 'New Members - Say hello in here!' started by kid-jensen, Feb 8, 2021.

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  1. kid-jensen

    kid-jensen Member

    I've recently bought a Bamboo GT and joined here..

    I've instantly got really scared by all the stories of random and unintentional hard braking...

    With the hospitals crammed with Covid-19 patients, now is not a good time to get the sort of injury this would most-likely cause.

    Surely someone here has tried changing the remote for one of the Universal types on Ebay/Alibaba etc?

    I'm assuming I would need to change the ESC as well. So long as it has the High Current capability that I need, I would have thought any generic remote/ESC combination would do. I don't need Fancy Speed or Odometer displays on the remote, (you can't read them anyway), just a simple remote that doesn't try to kill me every couple of days...

    Alternatively, maybe someone could say why it's not possible.
  2. kim cheese

    kim cheese Member

    New to esk8. Something to consider regarding my post. Have you checked out the various diy esk8 forums? Definitely would not go cheap with an aftermarket ESC and remote. Think hundreds of dollars vs. whatever inexpensive, questionable quality hardware. The guys at averageesk8review don't think too highly of Hobby...esc.

    Riding the Evolve Bamboo GTR AT. 3 sessions, 2 hard crashes. Not due to remote. Primarily skating on more or less packed gravel surface. Rumble strip surface and real loose gravel slide ending in wheel bite catapult. Need to learn to skate. Or just slow down and hit the rumbles and loose straight on. Or enjoy tuck and rolling on gravel.

    I think the ESC Evolve like their BMS is a proprietary unit. So you are probably stuck with the Evolve remote. The VESC(Vedder electronic speed controller) is open sourced and seems to have the most options for remotes. How are your soldering and crimping skills. Guessing the aftermarket ESCs come bare wired. Then there is the programming. Not sure if there are plug and play ESCs and remote packages available. Also, not sure how or if the BMS is tied in with the ESC and remote. BMS may be limited to balancing the cells while charging and the thermo control, charging and discharging limits. You may not be able to determine charge level of the board's battery with aftermarket ESC and remote.

    Thinking remote issues are not just limited to Evolve. If you go to esk8 diy forums there are stories of issues resulting in crashing. Evolve has how many units out there in the real world? Guessing for any single brand it's up there close or at the top of sales. % of remote problems might not be any higher than others. Absolute numbers? That all said. IMHO the remotes seem to be "fragile". Not designed to take much of an impact. I remote reset after every crash. Will also do a trigger reset if I think the remote has experienced a hard bump.

    Crashes are part of esk8. Never though I would be wearing knee and elbow pads. May look like a dorky old guy. At least feels a bit better after hitting the ground.
  3. kim cheese

    kim cheese Member

    Another thought about remote issues based on personal experiences. Need Pro mode to make it up the grades where I ride. Inexperience has set me off doing the running bailout a couple times. Too rapid for my current level of experience throttle application or release. Kind of wonder if a few of the remote issues are really due to rider issues. The torque even in Pro mode is relatively impressive. Relative lightweight at 59kg. I can feel and hear the tires spin out on looser gravel. Even with knobby tires.

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