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Evolve Suggestion Adding another battery to a carbon GT?

Discussion in 'Evolve Ideas & Suggestions' started by malgers, Jun 24, 2018.

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  1. malgers

    malgers Member

    So I was had a thought. I have an old bamboo Gen 2 board that is fully functional, and a carbon GT board that I now use all the time. Instead of letting the gen 2 just get old and have no purpose, I was wondering if there was a practical way to add the batter to my carbon GT? I understand there will have to be some board modification, and that I will figure out with trial and error. What I am mainly needing to know is the electrical side of things. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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  2. Hey, Evolve malgers makes a good point! How about add on batteries, new or from old batteries. Could be great for extended range. Also being in Colorado, I tend to re-gen as much as I ride. How about a USB on the outside of the battery cover to recharge my phone and or remote?
  3. npapiccio

    npapiccio Member

    I also have the same question. would it not be easier to add a second original evolve battery in parallel and simple 3d print the missing height of the battery cover. this would "double" the battery capacity? anyone tried this?
  4. OP

    malgers Member

    I know this post was quite some time ago, but I thought I would pop on to give you an update on how I solved my problem.

    As seen in the original post, I wanted to add an extra Evolve battery to an existing board setup. What I decided to do, was pretty simple. I mounted the stock [Gen 2 Bamboo] battery housing on top of the existing Carbon GT setup. It fit nicely in between where my feet stand while riding. This may not work on every setup due to space limitations, but as it happens, the Gen 2 Bamboo battery is considerably smaller. After fixing the second battery to the board, I needed a solution to get the power to the motors.

    Two options lie ahead. I could ATTEMPT to wire the battery in series with the existing, but due to my lack of confidence and skills in this matter, I chose an alternative route. I simply duplicated the existing battery setup. By adding the proper connectors to the new battery, and routing them to the underside where the existing battery connects, I now have the ability to unplug the "dead" battery and plug in the "charged" battery, quickly. It is not the most aesthetic solution, nor the most efficient. It is, however, very easy to do, and does not require fiddling with any of the "finer" electronics (BMS).

    unfortunately, I do not have any pictures of this setup. By the time I remembered I had made this post, I had sold the board and upgraded. I hope someone finds enjoyment out of this, happy riding!

    PS, I know my writing structure is inferior. I was always more of a science and math kind of guy :p

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