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Acton Blink - 4WD Electric Skateboard with hub motors in each wheel

Discussion in 'Acton Global' started by Alex, Nov 3, 2016.

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  1. Alex

    Alex Admin

    Looks pretty cool, the quatro model (BLINK QU4TRO) looks real snazzy with the aluminium frame. I like the built in white downlights too.


    I might give the cheaper light weight 10lb S model a shot as a last mile commuter board I can easily bring on the train, what with their discounted crowd fund pricing now that my Boosted Board order is frozen.
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  2. Kenneth

    Kenneth Member

    I also like the build and look. Best looking board out there Imo.
    But Im a little concerned when it comes to 4 wheel engines. Thats to much, when 2 1500kw like the GT have gives so much torc and speed I dont see the need to double the engines, just make it more expensive and more things can fail. Would prefer this board with 2 powerful engins and a good long range battery. Just my opinion.
  3. OP

    Alex Admin

    I dunno. If one wheel goes, you've got 3 to get you home on until you can get a replacement...unless it seizes up when broken or loses power. That could be an issue.

    The 4WD is an interesting concept on a skateboard, but it's almost wasted on street wheels.

    This would really shine if you could have AT wheels like the Evolve and take if off road.

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