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3D Printed Splash Guards / Mud Guards for Evolve Skateboard

Discussion in 'Evolve Skateboards' started by Alex, Feb 24, 2017.

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  1. Alex

    Alex Admin

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  2. MarkR

    MarkR Member

    They look good!
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  3. forbesmyester

    forbesmyester Member

    Need for street... 97's!
  4. Oldoilere

    Oldoilere Member

    Those are cool, Alex! What are the "Evolve" stickers in the motors?


  5. Laleyenda

    Laleyenda Member

    I Will be making for the 97's when i recieve Them The stickers on the engine are home made stickers.
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  6. Laleyenda

    Laleyenda Member

    IMG_9195.JPG IMG_9194.JPG IMG_9193.JPG So as you know i was working on the front too now i just need the final touch and finish if it all works like it should
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  7. Laleyenda

    Laleyenda Member

    I made a few changes so it didnt look so Big and clumsy




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  8. Laleyenda

    Laleyenda Member

  9. VietPho

    VietPho Member

    Hello, is there a working Mud/Splash Guard for the Evolve GTR AT Bamboo ? Where can I buy one?

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