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2019 Evolve Electric Skateboard Unveiled - Evolve GTR Series

Discussion in 'Carbon GTR' started by Lukasz, Apr 20, 2019.

  1. Lukasz

    Lukasz Member

    You are so quiet on social media since beginning of 2019 and usually you released new board each year. However there was no new board in 2018 and this year it's your 10th anniversary. Congratulations Evolve!

    PS. Please at least tease us so we know you are not shutting down ;). I hope this one will be water proof with changeable battery.

    Happy Easter!

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  2. quite right!!

    What’s going on Evolve, taking a break from evolving?
  3. p060064h

    p060064h Member

    Better F-ing not I've only just got a CGT
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  4. wizeartz

    wizeartz Member

    And a decent, 12a battery to retrofit would be a lovely gift to us suckers with the 7a prismatic jokes you supplied our $1500+ boards with, such a great product, let down by such a simple component!
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  5. pants

    pants Member

    We will now all have a new range of boards coming come May 2019. Evolve are keeping this under lock and key but I have found out via a friend that works on the goldcoast. It is an entirely new range and the Carbon GT replacement is around $3000 - $3500 aud with some very exciting specs. I am trying to get some photo's. In the meantime, if anyone has some photo's / videos of the new boards please post them here.

    Happy Boarding and looking forward to buying the new boards.
  6. batec

    batec Member

    That would explain all the sales happening at Evolve USA at the moment. ha
  7. Anyone wanna buy a GTX lol
  8. USA and everywhere els
  9. onmyone

    onmyone Member

    Glad it wasn't too much cheaper for the gtx. At 1300 I'd be tempted to pull the trigger. Thanks!
  10. Evolve YouTube

    Evolve YouTube YouTube Feed

  11. pants

    pants Member

  12. pants

    pants Member

    I’ll take some photos and share
  13. OP

    Lukasz Member

    I guess we got our teaser, thanks Evolve :)

  14. GeeMan

    GeeMan Member

    Can't wait to see what's next!!
  15. OP

    Lukasz Member

    What I want is waterproof board and replaceable battery with external charge option but being realistic my bet would be on hub motors, we'll see.
  16. thedemo

    thedemo Member

    Excited! I wonder if it's direct drive?
  17. thedemo

    thedemo Member

    Did you get pics, any more info????
  18. GeeMan

    GeeMan Member

    Have no idea why they haven't added waterproofing already.....thought it would have been common sense since day one...
  19. Evolve YouTube

    Evolve YouTube YouTube Feed

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  20. xrayturner

    xrayturner Member

    So a battery upgrade to the 18650s? That would be welcome upgrade. But wait there’s more??
    Last edited: May 13, 2019

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