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Evolve Suggestion 2019 Carbon AT GTX

Discussion in 'Evolve Ideas & Suggestions' started by Lukasz, Nov 28, 2018.

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  1. Lukasz

    Lukasz Member

    Hi guys,

    Holidays are coming so it's time for a wish list ;). Here is my wish list of Carbon update features that would be fantastic for 2019:

    - Waterproof board and remote: it's not really about riding during the storm but carbon board can be easily coated and insulated in order to make sure the board doesn't fail when riding in high humidity conditions like fog or drizzle.
    - Default 8" AT tires: - those make the whole AT experience so much better, traction on grass and forest paths is fantastic and 8" tires can be used on standard evolve hubs and there is even a setting for those on R2 remote
    - SKU with default fast charger: it halves charging time and right now there is no SKU with this so it has to be purchased separately and once you do it you don't really need a standard charger.
    - Remote Pedestrian horn function for dead man switch: option to change the way dead man switch works so it can function as a dead man switch for beginners and pedestrian horn for advanced users who rarely need dead man switch and rides faster.

    Please write in this thread what features would you wish for that would make you upgrade.
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  2. fs996

    fs996 Member

    - Waterproofing definitely, the UK is just too unpredictable weather-wise. If you get caught partway somewhere when it rains, even if you switch off and carry you still need some degree of water resistance.
    - Motors inboard rather than stuck out back - would help make the board slightly more compact, also make the motors less likely to get scratched & damaged.
    - Remote to use a more secure connection method than bluetooth - I read about another brand using a secure protocol which included encryption and was impossible to cross-connect
    - Refine board failsafes - board should coast gently if connection to the remote is lost - this doesn't always happen. Also have personally had two instances where brakes have been suddenly applied throwing me off the board.
    - Board battery display - improve accuracy because all it seems to represent is voltage which varies massively once the battery sag occurs
    - Quick board battery display such as LEDs on the enclosure
    - Quick change batteries would be awesome, clip in clip out
    - USB charge port on the board
    - Larger battery in the remote!!!
    - Improve the batteries!! Sag occurs too easily especially if you are a heavier rider.
    - Evolve app - pair with your board and use it to track mileage, change gearing/wheel sizes etc

    The board has enough torque and performance for me. only other thing I would be interested in would be a smaller board, 30-32" maybe with a kicktail and grab handle but capable of running 100mm wheels and lightweight for commuting. Would need to be waterproof!
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  3. Stefan

    Stefan Member

    Encypt nRF24 traffic and add another connection (add 5Ghz or something not 2.4Ghz)
    Currently it takes an Arduino Uno ~1 second to crack the connection and make you facepalm because the only thing keeping your remote from controlling another board is 1 of the 13 channels it randomly chooses and 1 byte as security key. The the key is always 0xCCCCCCCCxx (00-FF). There is however the serial of the remote you need to spoof but that is just a couple of bytes somewhere in the 30 byte packet you receive all the time if someone touches the remote.

    Also if there are many people around with wireless headphones and stuff the board sometimes accelerates or brakes a bit on it's own and/or you loose connection for a bit.
    - Stop driving with my smartwatch helped a lot! It was too close to the remote and just jammed the signal all the time.. :-(

    Improve battery quality
    After ~1 year the battery life just sucks and I'm happy to get 10KM out of a charge on ECO modus.

    Improve remote (R3 if possible)
    Need an option to brake like the old remote did with the same vinger.
    Need option for more stuff like adding other signalling lights. (brake, going left/right/main lights/..)
    - Just make some buttons and add 5v tolerant GPIO pins to the board for people who want to enhance or make it more legal for on the road/in traffic. :)

    Here it's like 40% of the time rainy, would love to be able to ride more in the rain.

    In-hub motors
    Helps with waterproofing.
  4. pants

    pants Member

  5. kram720

    kram720 Member

    No hub motor but new Sony vtc and water proofing new remote Bluetooth
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  6. pants

    pants Member

    They have issued most of your wishes. Just not the waterproofing. USB outputs, Bluetooth, interchangeable batteries, flight capable.


  7. OP

    Lukasz Member

    Yeah I was watching this "streamed" and I was amazed: changeable battery, better connectivity, I even noticed Jeff using it on snow like I do in winter myself so I hope for some level of waterproofing as well. I am really impressed how Evolve listens to it's customers, not many companies do that nowadays. If pricing is reasonable I will see new board in my garage soon :D
  8. kram720

    kram720 Member

    There is 2 levels of water proofing . On the battery’s
    Silent j Boston broke lose early with his YouTube vid
  9. OP

    Lukasz Member

    ... which he took off YT just before premiere so I didn't see it
  10. Alex

    Alex Admin

    I love leaks as much as the next guy, but out of respect for Jay Boston and Evolve I've deleted the link to the ripped and rehosted version of Jay's video posted above until the embargo is lifted and more info gets released closer to launch.

    I know it's already out there and there's no deleting anythign from the internet, it's not long left I'm sure Jay put a lot of work into his video, so hold out little longer and give him the views instead on his channel.

    Jay Boston

    I will say though, I watched the whole thing and it's great and covers a lot of info :grinning:

    Feel free to repost the original when it's released.

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