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1st Commute down Evolve GTX

Discussion in 'General Electric Skateboard Chat' started by ZombieKillDave, Mar 27, 2019.

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  1. ZombieKillDave

    ZombieKillDave Member

    Mar 15, 2019
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    Perth WA, Australia
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    Bamboo GTX
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    Sooo.. I have finally got my GTX and TBH I love it. Wicked fun.

    I charged it up yesterday 100% and then went for a 13 km ride in Fast mode (street setup), this didn't seem to touch the battery too much.. I did tackle one big hill and for this I used GT, it was at the end of the ride, i noticed the sag took me down to about 40%.
    Once at home I tightened up my trucks a little and ripped up and down my street in Fast (probs about 2 km's) was great fun, starting to carve a little, bare in mind i have never been on a skate board...

    Day 2. I Rode my commute to work (Perth) this was a 12.3 km ride, it took about 30 mins, Avg speed 24.2 km/h and top Speed 36 km/h. Didn't really tackle to many hills, just some bridges that are fairly aggressive, I walked up one of them.
    the ground i was on was 80% perfect the other 20% was cracked and shitty.....

    after 26ish km's the battery is close to finished. i guess i might be able to limp it along the flats for a while longer but wouldn't really want to..

    I forgot my charger at home so of course I'm now stuck here.. hahahaha wife will have to drop of to me asap..

    My negative thoughts so far are:

    The battery will not take me as far as i had hoped unless I'm on perfectly flat ground and or keep it to about 25 km/h... I weigh 90 kg.
    The Wheels wont last for long on rough ground, there is already a small chip out of one wheel..
    One of the trucks is scratched underneath, one little chunk taken out of it.. :(

    On the positive, always nice to finish on this one:

    The board, for someone who knows nothing about skate boarding or DIY Esk8 is perfect for me.
    Comfortable / plenty of power / great top speed / easy to ride.
    Great Buzz from riding as i hoped
    It looks so cool, proper head turner..

    looking forward to the home wood journey.


    ***Additional note, after having the board off for an hour or so it is showing 40% battery. I wonder how far this would get me.....................
    Last edited: Mar 27, 2019
  2. Withered_Perception

    Withered_Perception Member

    Jun 25, 2018
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    Aurora, CO, USA
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    Anthony Nern
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    Bamboo GT
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    Street & AT
    I run 29 miles every night. Swap to some abec 11's and ditch the stock wheels

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