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18kmh Vibrations on Brand new Carbon GTR

Discussion in 'General Eskate Chat' started by VadimA, May 1, 2021.

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  1. VadimA

    VadimA Member

    Hi all, how are you all doing?

    Today, I took my first e-skateboard Carbon GTR Street for the first ride. Pretty cool experience - I must say. Much to learn and I look forward to it very much.

    However, upon reaching 17kmh, bang on 17kmh, I feel a vibration throughout the board. The vibration dissipates upon reaching 19/20kmh. Only at speeds in this range [17-19/20]. Battery charge was around 30%. Tightened all bolts and took out again just now. No change - the same at 17kmh. I think it also happens when I accelerate, if I let go and just cruise at speed 17-19kmh, no vibrations. Otherwise no complaints. Majestic ride.

    Could the drive belts or bearings be the problem. Or such vibrations is something of a normal? Any ideas anyone?

    Ps. I haven’t charged the board not once yet. Just took out of the box and went for a ride. Don’t know if it is relevant...

    thank you very much in advance.
  2. kim cheese

    kim cheese Member

    Have you "bench" tested the board. Just to make sure it is the drive end vs. front truck. Jack up the rear of the board on the work bench and run the board from 0 to 20kmh. You might be able to visualize the source of the vibration.

    Riding the Bamboo GTR AT. On the bench there is a vibration that sets in at ~20kmh and gets worst with increasing speed. Cannot see, tell which side or if both drives are vibrating. Don't notice even on very smooth black top surfaces. Have two sets of AT wheels. One with off-road and one with street AT tires. Same with both. Testing new RipTide WFB bushings. Same vibration. Next thing to do will be rotate the wheels. If necessary the last thing to do will be flip-flop drive gears and belts.
  3. onionbro

    onionbro Member

    i have the same problem. have you sort out the problem yet?
  4. OP

    VadimA Member

    I have not solved the problem yet. I am in touch with Evolve right now. Will update soon, I hope.
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  5. onionbro

    onionbro Member

    yes please update thank you, i also sent my board to evolve
  6. kim cheese

    kim cheese Member

    Are both of you riding Carbon GTRs? If so, any chance something is loose inside the board's battery compartment? Maybe during assembly Evolve forgot to firmly attach a component or forgot a chunk of vibration/sound padding/foam?

    Pulled off the wheels and ran the board. Smooth sound with no vibrations. Wheels rotated, flipped sides. Vibration back with every combination. It's the tire and/or wheels in my specific case. No issue since I don't feel it when riding and keep speeds below 35 kph. If I was a downhill speed freak I would be concerned.
  7. OP

    VadimA Member

    I got my new board today. Will test tomorrow.
  8. onionbro

    onionbro Member

    what was their reply? how are they getting you a new board?
    all i got from evolve was there's nothing wrong with the board and they're just ganna send it back to me.
  9. OP

    VadimA Member

    So I got a brand new board and it has absolutely identical noise and vibrations. The same noise and vibrations at 17kmh and only in Eco mode. I will be taking my board out daily to see if it's a new board phenomena which dissipates with time.
  10. onionbro

    onionbro Member

    i think this happens to all brand new AT wheel board
    Evolve should put this into the guide book
  11. OP

    VadimA Member

    Mine is street version
  12. onionbro

    onionbro Member

    idk maybe it happens to all brand new board... since you got a new one but still has the same noise and vibration.
  13. kim cheese

    kim cheese Member

    Riding a Bamboo GTR with 7" ATs. Board flex probably dampens out any vibrations from drive trains and wheels. Assuming the carbon layup on your boards was for stiffness vs. flex and dampening. Maybe it is just the inherent design of the board resulting in vibrations at a certain frequency?
  14. PeterD

    PeterD Member

    I got a bamboo GTR AT brand new 2 daya ago with the same vibrating/grinding issue.

    I thought it might be a loose belt, went through the motions to tension belts. Very poor design, there are 4 bolts with no access to one. How are you meant tension the belt when dont have access to the bolt that holds the tension.

    Is it serviceable and are parts available?????
    Mind you I ask all these ??????? B4 i bought the board. Serviceability isnt great based on how difficult it is to tension a belt and when I ask to buy a set of spare motots I was NO, has to get sent to evolve for that.

    Took it back, they told me nothing wrong.
    Went for another ride when I got home, with same vibrating/grinding issue between 15kmh-19kmh.
    I dont understand whats wrong with it and how to fix it.
    Taken it back again, for further testing.

    Now ive got no skateboard or money.

    TBH the customer service is absolutely rubbish, brand new out of the box with issues and they try to blame the consumer.

    Ive never been so disappointed in my life.
  15. onionbro

    onionbro Member

    there is a tutorial video about how to adjust your belt tension on Evolve channel Youtube
    Ive sent my over a week ago and just got it from them, they said theres nothing wrong with the board. theyve checked internal and external parts and everything worked fine. so i guess its a brand new board thing
  16. PeterD

    PeterD Member

    Yeah ive seen that video, very poor design.
    Makes no sense to take belt off once its been tensioned. If it comes off it's not tensioned, would cause unnecessary slop to go about it this way.

    In all the industries ive seen belts have a tensioning system that is accessible with belt in position. Rubbish design.

    As for " its a new board thing "
    Would you be happy if the brand new microwave oven started vibrating/grinding and stuttering when set to low...????

  17. onionbro

    onionbro Member

    how bad is your noise/ vibration?
    since there are so many people experiencing this problem, i think it a normal thing for a brand new board and Evolve adviced me that it will smooth out as more as you ride the board
  18. PeterD

    PeterD Member

    The vibration/grinding and stuttering is unmistakable, it goes from smooth(below 15kmh) to grinding and stuttering power loss(15-19kmh) then back to smooth past this speed(20-25kmh)

    Things tend to be at there smoothest when brand new, not opposite.

    As for devices that are intended to be smooth, vibrations and grinding dont get better with persistence.... It get worse....

    This device is neither a vibrator or grinder, so smoothness would be key to success.

    Only 3 days with this brand, all confidence is destroyed. The fact Evolve is sending boards back saying there's nothing wrong is a joke.
  19. skataffe

    skataffe Member

    I have just taken delivery of Carbon GTR and notice vibration and belt noise around 18km/h, also fading away around 20km/h onward.

    I'm still getting used to the board, so still only in Eco right now. Will keep testing.

    Did anyone get to the bottom of this, or could it just be a natural harmonic / characteristic of the board and motors, etc at that particular speed?

    Does truck / bushing stiffness / tightness affect things?
  20. EskateLearner

    EskateLearner Member

    OMG, I got this one too. it's like vibrating, grinding, or belt is touching the tire while rolling. Has anyone figure out the issue yet or just the board needing a little more break ins? Just got the my GTR carbon, never skate before but I am so loving it.

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