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For Sale 10s4p Bamboo GT&GTX - stock available

Discussion in 'Electric Skateboard Classifieds - Buy, Sell, Trade' started by Murray, Dec 2, 2019.

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  1. Murray

    Murray Member

    Hi all, I've got new 10s4p packs (30Q+BMS) for Bamboo GT&GTX available in Melbourne now. AU$370. PM me!

    WeChat Image_20191125131143.jpg
  2. Ic0nic

    Ic0nic Member

    Where are you located in Melbourne?
  3. OP

    Murray Member

    Hey, pickup is from Hawthorn
  4. gaven120

    gaven120 Member

    Where did you get the BMS?
  5. Martyinjapan

    Martyinjapan Member

    Would it be possible just to buy a BMS from you?
  6. OP

    Murray Member

    I only sell complete packs.
  7. Brennan295

    Brennan295 Member

    I’m interested in buying one ASAP.
  8. luco

    luco Member

    Hi. I don't suppose your can ship to Canada...?
  9. OP

    Murray Member

    Can do, pm me your details!
  10. OP

    Murray Member

    ok cool, pm me your details
  11. Igepa

    Igepa Member

    Shipping to Estonia please? Thanks
  12. Koxx

    Koxx Member

    Hi, i would be interested. Can you ship to France ? thanks
  13. Chris7665

    Chris7665 Member

    Still availabile and ship to canada? I'd like to order one ASAP! Thanks:):)
  14. OP

    Murray Member

    Sure mate, PM me your details
  15. OP

    Murray Member

    Hey man, sorry I missed your message. PM me if you're still interested!
  16. Squaff

    Squaff Member

    Just wanted to double check what cells are you using.? That's has a big impact to the quality and life cycles on the pack . Thanks
  17. OP

    Murray Member

  18. luco

    luco Member

    ...i just finished installing the pack in my BGT. Should be able to test it today. It was as easy installing as could be... No messing, no soldering or fiddling (just the spacer for the battery enclosure). even the bms came with mounting brackets ! Thanks again Murray.
  19. Chris7665

    Chris7665 Member

    Pack looks great, installed today but have not ridden yet as its kinda wet out today. Everything seems like its working, but when I pull up the battery info under More Info on the remote, it doesnt display any information of the cells like it did with the stock battery. Is that normal?

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