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107mm ABEC 11 F1 vs 97mm ABEC 11 Refly

Discussion in 'Bamboo GTX' started by deanproxy, Apr 21, 2019.

  1. deanproxy

    deanproxy Member

    I currently ride the 97mm ReFly wheels. I'm curious if the 107mm F1 wheels make the ride a bit nicer without sacrificing ramge? Sometimes I have to ride on sidewalks with those little expansion lines. The 97's work ok for this, but it's rather bumpy. I can, however, get about 18 miles with them.

    I rode the AT wheels the other day and it was a super nice ride, but it was very draggy and slow and I only got about 7 miles before the board wanted to stick in ECO consistently. So, I wondered if adding an extra 10mm on a wheel would make it a bit nicer? Obviously it won't feel like the AT wheels, but I'm hoping it will at least ride of those sidewalk cracks a bit nicer.

    Anyone have experience with both?
  2. Kinder

    Kinder Member

    Personal experience, so take it with a grain of salt.

    I own a GTX and have both AT and 97mm setup. I ride street setup on the 38 teeth gear mostly because I don't care about speed.

    After reading a lot about the 107mm I decided to try it and bought a set. Removed 97mm, put 107mm in, went for a ride. After a time went back on 97mm. End up selling the 107mm to a friend, we've rode together jumping from one board to the other.

    My final opinion is that 107mm runs a hair smoother, barely no difference, on every surface I tried. On the other hand tough I could notice very clear the extra weight and diameter. Both acceleration and breaking got less powerful, carving got a slower response and less sharp. I was expecting the grip to save the relationship, but for my feeling the point of slip was pretty much the same. For my use - carving and fun - 97mm ftw. This friend of mine owned AT setup only and is now in love with the 107mm.

    Maybe for someone that commutes daily and need top speed the 107mm could be a better option over the 97mm.
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