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107 mm wheels abec superbly greens: do we need to shave off the inside for belt clearance?

Discussion in 'General Electric Skateboard Chat' started by Jedi, Sep 13, 2018.

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  1. Jedi

    Jedi Member

    i have a carbon gt and was wonder if the abec11 107 green wheels have to shave or cut a little to make room for the belt?
  2. BigAl

    BigAl Member

    I shaved the top outside of mine (so the corners on the inside of the wheel) so they would not rub on the belt covers. But they do not come near the belts at all, so you could also modify the covers.
    To shave the wheels I used a mens razor (mac 3 or something), put the wheels on the board with 3 spacers on the inside and just spun the motor while holding the razor against the inside edge of the wheel. This gave me a pretty consistent finish and did not take to long. It did make a lot of mess though :)
  3. OP

    Jedi Member

  4. xrayturner

    xrayturner Member

    Gentlemen – I don’t run the 107 but wanted to throw this out there. When I first started using my CGT I used the belt covers, I even shaved the covers so my green 97s would not rub against them. After picking up a few twigs here and there I stopped using them altogether. While I get the purpose of having them I find more benefit to not using them. My point really is if the 107s are only rubbing the covers you might want to try a few rides without the covers before shaving the wheels. Just a thought but either way enjoy the ride.

    Take Care, Gary
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  5. BigAl

    BigAl Member

    I would agree with the above post, I only shaved my 107's back so they would not rub on the guards. They did not touch the belts or any other components before I shaved them.
  6. StewSk8er

    StewSk8er Member

    I'm sticking my really long noob neck out right now, but where the hell do I find the 107 green wheels? All I can find are the black F1's.
    I don't see them on the evolve site anywhere.
    PM me if you'd like so the thread isn't high jacked. Thanks!
  7. OP

    Jedi Member

    It is not on evolve website. Amazon or skateshop

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