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Thread Title Forum Date
Any new riders in Adelaide SA, Australia? Don't forget to join SAESK8 New Members - Say hello in here! Dec 28, 2017
How Melbourne Created a Thriving Esk8 Scene General Eskate Chat Nov 9, 2017
A Case for Smaller Wheels? Which do you prefer, bigger or smaller wheels? Why? General Eskate Chat Nov 4, 2017
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Jed Board vs Evolve vs Raptor 2 vs Boosted vs Baja - I ride them all! Quick thoughts... General Eskate Chat Aug 25, 2017
A Very Jed Board Weekend - First Impressions of the Jed Board at TGE Melbourne General Eskate Chat Aug 23, 2017
Electric Skateboarders Australia - Facebook Group General Eskate Chat Aug 21, 2017
[Aug 26, 2017] Enertion Raptor 2 World Tour Event - Adelaide with the... (Dulwich, SA, AU) Group Rides, Events & Meetups Aug 14, 2017
The Electric Skateboard Buyers Guide for the Real World General Eskate Chat Jul 31, 2017
Why sending electric skateboards to Casey Neistat is stupid General Eskate Chat Jun 21, 2017
[May 28, 2017] Victoria Park/Clipsal Circuit, Adelaide SA (Dulwich, SA, AU) Group Rides, Events & Meetups May 10, 2017
[May 7, 2017] Adelaide Group Ride - May 7 (Walkerville, SA, AU) Group Rides, Events & Meetups Apr 26, 2017
Painting AT wheel hubs. Best paint to use? General Eskate Chat Apr 24, 2017
EON Electric Skateboard Drivetrain - An affordable eboard travel solution? Unlimited Engineering Eon Apr 20, 2017
Convince me on Bamboo over Carbon Bamboo GT Mar 19, 2017
Convince me on Carbon over Bamboo Carbon GT Mar 19, 2017
Turning off board - frozen on red (fault?) light (Gen2 HELP!) Bamboo GT Mar 9, 2017
83mm stock GT wheels or 80mm kegel orangatangs? Bamboo GT Feb 20, 2017
Board travel bags Skate Equipment, Safety Gear & Spares Feb 9, 2017
Evolve Remote (Gen2) Charging - HELP General Eskate Chat Feb 9, 2017