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Removable waterproof Cover

Removable Waterproof Nylon Cover V1.0
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Removable waterproof Cover Removable waterproof Cover Truck Protection Shields Truck Protection Shield Steel GT Gear Drive Steel GT Gear Drive B6704CB8-B0DD-4CE7-AFD7-D2D96912E59F AEF0F6B2-694C-47AE-B0B6-0EBEFF9D2B91 68FBC0B8-AFC9-4904-9A97-D9C97C94D99A
  1. Killmonger likes this.
  2. Killmonger
    How much? Can u get or make me 1.
  3. Tadas
    How to get one?
  4. USta70
    Hi, I made it myself. Is pretty easy. You need waterproof nylon fabric and self-adhesive Velcro tape. The fluffy tape you stick to the board and the sticky tape you stick to the nylon fabric. This you fold before on half tape width. That's all. The Evolve logo I painted with white spray paint and stencil on the nylon.
    But I now favor the solution with the neoprene fabric.
    Cheers Uli

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