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LEIFTECH V2 esnowboard 2nd gen.<br />
In good working condition, everything included on the...
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LEIFTECH V2 esnowboard 2nd gen.
In good working condition, everything included on the pictures work so you don't have to worry about it. I fixed motor problems by going to a machinery place to cut a chunk of metal attached to the sides of the wheels so that there won't be any motor problems anymore. Im willing to buy the launch pads(foot pads that you don't see on the pictures) and add some board guards for better protection. I'm willing to sell it for a good price but I don't know yet. If you guys are willing to buy it, just place your bids by messaging or replying and I'll check on them and I'll pick the highest bidder. That's all I have to say, nothing more, nothing less. Thx.

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