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Album: Seawall Runs

Seawall Runs

Updated Jun 27, 2020
Red rear  
Red multi  
Rear bash angle  
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  3. Marlon
    Yeah I did a little Google work & read the same reviews of the Thunderbolt's battery. I found this (superior battery?) on Amazon for $19: DON PEREGRINO B2-110 Lumens High Brightness Bike Rear Light.

    I have shreds in front but in the rear the mounts look a little sloppy because they're not made specifically for the GTR & I don't want to mar the deck. I have a bash guard on too so I will probably mount it vertically (it rotates). It looks identical to the TB but mounts with 1 strap not 2.
  4. Bigmama
    Interesting, wonder how that looks with the bash guard. The Blue light option on the B2 110 looks pretty cool.
  5. Marlon
    I should have it Thursday & will post pics
  6. Marlon
    The fit isn't perfect but I still love it. The light sits on the bottom bash guard rail and I can hear it chatter on hard bumps. I'm gonna try padding the bottom of the light/bash guard rail (maybe thick double-sided tape?).

    It's REALLY bright. With no bash guard the fit would be perfect, but even with the issues I still like it. I have red shred lights too but I don't want to install mounts because I like the clean look of the deck as is, for now anyway.
  7. Bigmama
    That looks sickk. The Blue light is pretty cool, looks like a police light at night


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